How Do You Pronounce Aella?


How Do You Pronounce Aella?




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How do you pronounce Aella?

First, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Don’t worry, you won’t get debited for this. Now, pronounce ae-lla. If you got the pronunciation correct, you would feel the gentle breeze’s peaceful whisper as though you are at a waterside. That’s us, Aella!

In our conversations with our customers and people who have had a first-time encounter with our brand, we have noticed the variation in pronunciation, and for some others, differences in spelling when our product is being mentioned to them. For the latter, their Aella google search is like this; Ela, Ella, Alla, Aylla, among many others. I mean, no offense taken.

For the former, we hear them say; Hella, Ebala, Ay-luh, Ah-ella, Ay-ell-uh, Ay-ell-ah, ah-eh-la, Ay-la, EYE-luh and even read our product name as Ella. You must have noticed some phonetics, and accents in some of these pronunciations. But that is not the point. These are semantics. Let’s walk you through our brand.

Here is a short origin story that may interest you.


Aella is an ancient name from Greek mythology. She was the daughter of the mythical god of war, Ares and goddess, Harmony. Aella was a fast Amazon warrior who accompanied Hippolyta during her fight against Heracles. The word Aella means ‘whirlwind’ in greek. Other meanings that have been closely associated with Aella are; angel, air, messenger etc.

Now, truly we are not all about fighting wars and conquering territories. But we believe we are building a fierce team that is poised to take over the Fintech industry for you. And we mean it when we say FOR YOU.

Also, think of us as angels on a mission to be a part of you in your financial journey; help you set your finances in order and grant you access to credit facilities. Of course, this comes with expert advice that will help you make wise financial decisions, understand financial realities and make you a prudent spender. So think about the benefits you can get from a finance and credit app viz a viz our offerings, and you’d realise what we meant by For You.

All these are what we meant when we said;

Aella App

Smart financial solutions Designed for you.

Access loans, Pay bills, Save, and Insure your health in one place.

You do not have to believe us, you can just sign up and see for yourself. Right here.

Back to the point. How do you pronounce Aella?

Hella, Ahla, Ebala, Ailla, ayla, ahela, hela, Eli, Ella, Ela, Alla, Aylla; Ay-luh, Ah-ella, Ay-ell-uh, and whatnot. We think the semantics makes our brand fun and interesting as our customers sometimes tell us what our brand sounds like in ways we have not imagined. You see, that is the thing with brands whose customers are a part of them, just like ours. What can we say? We learn everyday too.

In case you want to google this, click here to listen to the Greek pronunciation . Or, let’s pretend the ‘A’ doesn’t exist, which leaves us with ‘Ella’. Call it what you want to call it, we’ve got your back!

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