Aella Introduces Free Transfers to its Customers

 Aella Introduces Free Transfers to its Customers


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 Aella, a credit and financial solutions company introduces free transfers to its customers.  This initiative is aimed at reducing the financial strain faced by its consumers. Along with continuous access to low-interest loans, from September 1st,  Aella users will also enjoy free transfers after completing four paid transactions in a month.


Recognizing the diverse financial needs of its user base, Aella is proud to launch this initiative as a response to the ever-evolving challenges in today's economic climate. This innovative step not only ensures ease of access to essential financial services but also underscores Aella's dedication to fostering financial inclusion for all Nigerians.

With empathy as the driving force behind this initiative, Aella seeks to empower its users by providing tangible solutions that directly address their concerns. The free transfer offer not only eases financial burdens but also reflects Aella's commitment to standing by its customers during good and challenging times alike.

Aella understands the importance of simplicity in financial transactions. This new feature seamlessly integrates into the Aella app, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users to keep track of their paid transactions and enjoy free transfers with ease.

In a time where financial stability is paramount, Aella's initiative goes beyond just transactions. It's a testament to the company's ethos of actively contributing to the financial well-being of its users, allowing them to save more, invest wisely, and plan for their future.

As Aella embarks on promoting financial empowerment, the company remains committed to innovation that enriches lives. By offering a free transfer after the completion of four paid transactions monthly, Aella continues its efforts to reimagine a future where financial freedom is within everyone's reach.

Started in 2015, Aella was founded by Akin Jones and Wale Akanbi. Aella is backed by leading  US venture funds such as Y Combinator, 500 Global, Zeno Ventures and Gluwa Capital among others. The company was launched to simplify and open up financial services to support financial inclusion in emerging markets.

To get started, download the app on App store and Play Store 


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