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Debunking Health Insurance Myths

March 30, 2021

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Health insurance is a much-needed ‘Hail Mary’ for people when hospital exigencies suddenly threaten to consume their savings and investments. Presently in countries like Nigeria that have no national health care system, medical costs associated with the treatments of ailments are increasing rapidly, and it has become necessary for people to take responsibility for their own health care and invest in health insurance to safeguard their finances against high medical bills.

95% of Nigerian adults don't have health insurance for various reasons such as; faith, discouraging claims process, and lacking quality health infrastructure, etc. However, the most predominant deterrent remains the health insurance myths that dissuade people from making informed health care decisions. Aella Care strives to simplify the health insurance process by demystifying and debunking any myths, and here are examples of some of them:

“I am young, I don’t need health insurance” – The reason one has savings or investments is to prepare for a rainy day. The same goes for health insurance. Health insurance is an investment in yourself, just like savings. This means you are making adequate preparation for future circumstances regarding your health and there’s no better time to start than now. Your future self will thank you and reap amazing benefits.

“Health Insurance does not cover the serious ailments” – Before selecting an insurance plan, ensure you understand what you’re paying for. The treatment and cover you get depend on the plan you’ve subscribed for. The good news is with Aella Care, you get access to top quality services. Telemedicine, Dental care, Eyecare, Physiotherapy, and more

“Health insurance is expensive” – While the cost of medical care is expensive, some health insurance providers have found ways to ensure that people have access to micro-insurance that meet their financial requirement. Aella Care believes that quality health care is a right for everyone, and it is for that reason we have provided tailor-made plans to suit your needs from N2000 a month. Your health, your choice.

“I’m treated differently because I’m covered by insurance” – On occasion, visits to the hospital are long and stressful, leaving you feeling exhausted and disregarded. However, with Aella Care, you get VIP treatment. For example, you get telemedicine services that give you access to a doctor at the snap of your fingers or door-step medical prescriptions delivery. You are an #AellaRoyal and should be treated like royalty.

“I don’t need Insurance, I have faith” – It is okay to have faith and believe in a higher being for good health, but necessary actions should be taken to also cover yourself.

At the end of the day, it is best to do away with these myths and fears regarding health insurance and focus on quality health cover for yourself and your family. At such a time when the world is going through a global health crisis, the most effective protection for yourself and your family remains to choose a health insurance plan that does not break the bank. Aella Care is ready to help you debunk those myths and offer various health plans for you and your family.