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Desktop Publishing with Figma

February 17, 2021

At Aella App, we understand how important product delivery is to growth. It requires proper system architecture and documentation for an effective build. Our focus remains on setting quality systems and processes in place that will ensure we deliver well-built products and a user-friendly experience that satisfies our customers.

Since the release of the AutoLayout function on Figma, Aella’s team has been working on a design system that will change the game, and improve the efficiency and innovation of the organization. The reason being that the new design system will fundamentally grant the team more ‘free’ time to focus on innovating forward-thinking products and services that will transform the fintech ecosystem.

The Figma AutoLayout functionality has enabled the design team at Aella App to create a scalable graphic design system for the organization. This includes the use of design elements such as colors, company logo, icons, font face and size; that ensure the Aella brand is consistent and well represented on all platforms.


Here are some examples of how we have used AutoLayout to improve the productivity of Aella’s team:

Responsive Letterheads

With the AutoLayout function, you have access to a ‘master component’ that controls all the design elements on a letterhead, while ‘child components’ such as signatures and logos are assigned to different team leads for easy usage and communication. We can also assign child components of the master letterhead components to different departmental leads at Aella App to efficiently manage their daily tasks.



Business Cards

Business Card Components with a variety of patterns and aesthetics.


ID Cards

With a collection of employee portraits on our design system, the creation of identification cards becomes a quicker and more effective process.


Social Media Post

Due to there being two primary components that control the creation of social media posts (copy and image), the exchange between the design and communication teams have improved and led to quicker turnaround times for deliverables.



The possibilities of AutoLayout remain endless. It not only puts an end to the repetitive tasks digital designers have to deal with daily, but it can also holistically transform day-to-day collaboration amongst co-workers in the tech ecosystem.