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Aella Care provides health insurance plan that offers you access to affordable and quality healthcare, starting with N2,000

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Debunking Health Insurance Myths

Health insurance is a much-needed ‘Hail Mary’ for people when hospital exigencies suddenly threaten to consume their savings and investments

30, March 2021


The Tech Gender Gap

In this episode, we have the passionate Eloho Omame, MD/CEO Endeavor Nigeria, as we discuss closing the tech gender gap in Nigeria & raising funds for female tech entrepreneurs. She shares her insights on how to achieve individual growth and what challenges her. Don't miss an amazing episode

17, February 2021


Desktop Publishing with Figma

At Aella App, we understand how important product delivery is to growth. It requires proper system architecture and documentation for an effective build. Our focus remains on setting quality systems and processes in place that will ensure we deliver well-built products and a user-friendly experience that satisfies our customers.

17, February 2021


The Health Chat

Some know him as Aproko Doctor and some know him as Dibia Okirikiri, we know him as Doctor Nonso Egemba. This episode features one of the most loved millennial doctors on social media - discussing the role technology plays in ubiquitous health access, sharing his simple tips to healthy living and regaling us with stories of people whose lives have been changed through social-medicine.

12, January 2021


Aella's Lessons From 2020

Talk about an explosive year with unexpected twists and turns, a global pandemic that affected the world economy and created a colossal health crisis that left the world at a standstill. It was a year that hugely affected global trade, business continuity, investment, production, individual livelihoods, daily living and intensified anxieties across the world. We can categorically say that 2020 is a year we will never forget.

21, January 2021


Aella Collaborates with Amazon to Empower Underbanked Individuals in Nigeria

Aella App, Nigeria’s leading single point financial service and payment solutions organization, is working with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) to empower underbanked individuals to have quicker access to credit and other financial services using Amazon Rekognition for identity verification.

06, January 2021


Episode 2: Building The Future ft Timi Ajiboye

What do you get when you invite one of the most dynamic young crypto founders in Nigeria on the podcast? You get deep insight, entertainment and innovative thoughts. Listen to episode 2 of AellaCast, featuring CEO BuyCoins, Timi Ajiboye.

21, December 2020

Aella App

Episode 1: The Genesis

Ever wondered what Aella means or how it's really pronounced? Or would you be interested in hearing the 'Genesis' story of Aella? This episode features the hosts of AellaCast Wale Akanbi and Akin Jones, as they discuss their Aella journey from start-up to funding and everything in between.

08, December 2020


AellaApp Launches Podcast for Tech Ecosystem

AellaCast is an insightful dialogue with dynamic guest speakers, challenging fintech innovation and operation from; start-ups, microfinance, traditional banking, insurtech, cryptocurrency and regulators, among others.

08, December 2020


Infusing Intelligence Into Financial Services

In many parts of the world, the traditional data points used to verify a loan applicant’s identity—such as government-issued ID numbers or address history—aren’t always available. Servicing these underbanked individuals can be difficult and force potential customers to visit a bank that may be far away and inconvenient for a loan process potentially lasting days, if it happens at all.

03, August 2020


Financial inclusion in West Africa gets a boost with new $10m raise by Aella Fintech

Focused on improving financial inclusion for West Africa’s low-income segment, a Nigerian fintech start-up, Aella has raised a $10m debt financing round, from HQ Financial Group (HQF), Singapore-based private company specializing in new material science, semiconductor and blockchain financial investments. This debt financing round is Aella’s second raise and will bolster the company’s commitment to serve the underbanked population in West Africa and other emerging markets.

10, February 2020


Millions of West Africans can now access affordable health insurance, thanks to Aella and Hygeia

Bolstered by a $10M funding round to serve financially excluded populations in West Africa and other emerging markets, Aella, a revolutionary fintech is set to provide inclusive health insurance to millions of West Africans through its partnership with Hygeia HMO, a leading provider of health insurance in the region.

27, March 2020


Harnessing AI/ML to transform your mission and save the world – Wale Akanbi Chief Technical Officer, Aella Credit

The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is advancing rapidly and the adoption of these technologies across industries in recent years has steadily risen.

02, July 2020



Nigerian FinTech company, AellaCare and leading insurance enterprise Hygeia have partnered to provide inclusive health insurance to millions of people in West Africa.

28, March 2020


Aella Credit CEO on how to drive credit for health care insurance in Nigeria

The Chairman of Nigerian’s Senate Committee on Health, Ibrahim Oloriegbe says the Health Insurance Authority Bill has passed its third reading at the Senate and is currently before the House of Reps for consideration.

07, August 2020


Aella Credit raises $10 million debt financing round from Singapore

Aella Credit has secured a $10 million debt financing round from Singaporean company – HQ Financial Group.

10, December 2020