Your Guide to Quick Funds with Aella


MARCH 28, 2022

Your Guide to Quick Funds with Aella


Aella App

Aella App

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As a lending institution, we offer loans to individuals and businesses with the aim of granting credit access to the unbanked and underbanked. Whether the funds are for personal use or business use, you can be sure of a guaranteed loan in five minutes. The application process is simple:

Download the Aella app on your Android or iOS device.
Create your account by filling in all required fields accurately.
Once this is completed, check your eligibility and borrow the amount that works for you.

There are numerous factors that determine one’s ability to get a loan, such as credit history, bank details, location and more.

Unable to get a loan, here are possible reasons why:

You have invalid information
When applying for a loan, we require you to verify your identity, match it with other identification documents, and ensure that the information provided tallies. If there is any discrepancy between your documents and the information given on the app, you will not be eligible for a loan. We advise applicants to provide true and complete details when filling in their information. Kindly note that the Bank Verification number is needed specifically to verify ownership of the account information provided. Such sensitive information is not shared with third parties and does not provide access to your account.

You defaulted in repayment
A default in repayment occurs when your loan is repaid after the due date. Whether a day or a week late, it is regarded as a default and the system recognises such. If a defaulter requests for a loan another time, it will be declined, due to late repayment. You may be offered another loan in future if your financial situation is improved and the tenure for defaulting has been served.

You have a low credit score
Defaulting on your loans can result in a downgrade in your credit rating and make it more difficult to obtain future loans.

Please note that the staff and management of Aella App will never ask you to pay money before providing you with a loan. The loan eligibility check is based on numerous factors and is determined by the system. Do not pay anybody claiming to be from “Aella”, on the premise of providing you with a loan.


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